Cyber security – an increasing concern for Canadians

June 28, 2018

With a steady increase in the cyber attacks department, Canadians are now more than ever worried about cyber security threats among organizations – at least that what the statistics of CIRA show. Studies have also indicated that users are less likely to resort to an e-commerce business after finding out it was faced with a cyber attack in the past. The surveys clearly show how Canadians are up to even ten times more keen to avoid certain organizations that have dealt with issues of this kind than Americans. While it is obvious that Canadians have fully embraced cyberspace, with over 70 percent banking online and more than 50 percent covering their taxes electronically, security concerns seem to not decrease in number.

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Yes, cyber attacks are a real threat to the Canadian society

June 20, 2018

Canadian society is vulnerable to cyber attacks, and the proof lays in the thousands of companies that are shut down every year by a malware or virus. Tech professionals have analyzed the phenomenon and they warned the society that cyber criminality is a growing threat everyone should fight against. Why are hacktivists such a great threat to the Canadian society? A single person can create a lot of damage by using only their intellect and a computer. The attacks made on companies are conducted by small-scale criminals, but if a terrorist organization collaborates with cyber criminals then the damaged caused could bring a country to its knees.

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Online threats, types of attacks and cyber security – the complete guide

June 14, 2018

Most people work with the Internet nowadays, but they are not aware of the risks they expose themselves to. Considering the latest innovations in technology, it would be impossible not to get a little worried about the implications of cyber attacks and other online threats. This article is going to present the most frequently encountered online threats, the existent types of attacks and some general knowledge about cyber security. No matter what’s your current knowledge level regarding this topic, you will get to know the basics in just a few minutes. Informed people can stay away from trouble if aware of these implications.

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The Canadian Association of Internet Providers – purpose and goals

June 6, 2018

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) was created back in 1996 with the declared goal of protecting, developing and improving the Internet use in Canada. Focused on mutual interests of Canada and other international entities to create a safer, more secure Internet, connectivity and online services. The organization aims to deter any type of online abuse or related behavior that might endanger the freedom or dignity of the Canadian citizens. Providing competitive Internet services is another declared goal of the organization.

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How the government of Canada tackles cyber security

May 31, 2018

The growing dependence of the Canadian society on information and communication technology systems translates into the fact that they face a higher risk of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are a serious risk to humankind, equal with natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. Cyber risks have escalated, beginning with 2017, is much more prevalent and disruptive. Offensive manoeuvrs are amazingly intricate and they target individual Canadians, as well as companies. In spite of growing awareness of the threat, not much is known about whom hackers set their eyes on. Threats to important infrastructure represent a national security priority. It’s a good thing that the Canadian government is working on cyber security issues.

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